A highlight of the history of 3D Graphics
 and the practitioners that inspire me

The poster of Monster Hunt from (zhipianquan news, 2015)

The poster of Monster Hunt from (zhipianquan news, 2015)

3D graphic is a field of computer graphic, but differ from those 2D images, it generates objects in three-dimensional spaces and creates more realistic effects than 2D graphic. In nowadays, 3D graphic art is applied in many places and it is widely used in video games and movie animations.

In the history of 3D graphic, the pioneering 3D render techniques was used by the Pixar founder Ed Catmull and his colleague Fred Parke in 1972 to make an animation of Ed’s hand. But different from the modeling techniques we use now, at that time they used real hand model as their object and putting lines on it to map it. After that they textured it and made smooth shading on their hand then animate it. Ed Catmull is the president of both Pixar and Walt Disney Animation Studios currently. In 1976, the first 3D computer animation ‘Future World’ was made in terms of the technique they used. In 1995, Pixar released the first entirely computer-generated 3D animation—Toy Story. There is no dispute that Toy Story is a milestone of 3D graphic art history in the world. It ought to be taken marks as revolutionary innovation, no matter in theme, techniques or any other aspect that you concern.


The cover of FAST COMPANY MAGAZINE April 2014– HOW TO UNLEASH CREATIVITY ED CATMULL PIXAR HITS. Retrieved from: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/280912095482080402/

This year July, A movie called Monster Hunt (捉妖记) is released. And its trailer hit me and eventually I watched it from the Internet. Monster Hunt is directed by Raman Hui Shing-Ngai(            许诚毅), a Hong Kong computer graphic animator and film director. He cooperated with Base-FX Animation Company to build 3D effect in this movie. The main character in this movie is virtual character called Huba (胡巴) who is the only offspring for the monster king. Hui got inspiration of it from the classical chinese literature—Mountain Ocean Script.

In this story, the character is about persons and monsters, and some of the environment will not exist in our realistic life. Thus Base-FX worked on the VFX, character design, environmental design and some other 3D effects. They have inspire me in the way they assembly the ideas,  every single detail they designed on the character had a reason. Such as why they design 4 hands for Huba and what are the other monster characters come up from. You can check their official reels to see their work from the link: http://www.base-fx.com/reels.html

Design of the city in Monste Hunt

Design of the city in Monste Hunt


the story board panel


the design of main character Huba


The poster of monster hunt


the CG art work

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