3D Production Pipelines of Creating A Short Animation

1. Pre-production (storyboard)

To produce an animation, a good storyboard takes an important role. An excellent animation follows the storyboard you have writen, that is where you roughly draw your ideas down and show visual flow for your plans of your story.IMG_20151110_152602

Making a short animation, the first step is writing a storyboard. The brief storyboard I made that is shown here simply explain what I want to tell in my short animation. the main characters in the story is a paper plane and the Earth. the 4 panels are the key frames in the animation, explain the actions that the characters will take.

2. 3D modeling for request assets.

After you finish your visual impression of your animation, the next stage is building up the characters of your story. Thus the second stage is 3D modeling.

paperplaneEarth model

3. Texturing

Texturing is the process that makes your object look realistic, when I model the Earth, I simply align a bitmap on the sphere that I have created. This forms an object that looks like the Earth.


In this stage you will make your all model assets move, rotate or scale on timeline by setting key frames to make them animated and flow fluency. In my work, I set a camera in the scene to track the movement of the objects, the camera viewport allows you to see what is going on while you animate your object.


5.Scene assembly

Scene assembly helps you to keep track on your work and can assembly the scene assets. Every material you have used should place in your file, this process prevent you missing any datas or documents in your animation, and it can help you with backup and recovery of your working file.

scene assemblyscene assembly1


In this stage, you generate 2D images or scenes from your model. you can produce your rendering output to get the result of your animation.


Simply you can get your short animation from those steps.

PS: All the images used in this page are done by myself.

Posted on Nov 11,2015


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