Why am I attending college? what do I want to achieve?

To have a clear idea about yourself what role you are taking right now on your stage, always have in mind that the reasons of why you are attending school. Attending college means higher education after you graduate from high school. It is a continuing study that can give you the opportunities to deepen the knowledge about a subject that you have learn before, or to study a new subject you are interested in.

Said in(University of Southern California)—Education is often the best tool for creating wealth and happiness. Education can help your long-term economic prospects and help you obtain and maintain a home or business in the future.

 High school graduates in nowadays think that go to college is necessary. And if you want to get a good job, the companies would more like to hire a person with higher education degree. Well, attending college is not just about a good job and good salary.


the statistic bar graph of The Financial Benefit of College from (collegeatlas.org)

Attending college give me a chance to satisfy my curiosity about animation. It is a completely new field of study for me. Differ to subjects like physics and chemistry, Animation design contains the knowledge that I really obsess with. Working for a job that you have enthusiasm about it is a great happiness. The college opens a door and construct a bridge for me to approach this will.

Going to college is an investment in myself. As experience studying in college, I expect to expand my knowledge and skills. During the time, I want to discover the passion that I will have toward the life. In order to have better ability to adapt to society and boost my career prospect, I have to challenge myself and build a foundation for my future prospect. Thinking critically, problem solving, decision making and communication skill are really useful in personal and professional life. Skimming, writing and speech are quite evident requirements you should acquire.

Knowledge is endless and it is shameful to waste time. Figure out who you are, Now is the time for you to take your own responsibility and becoming more independent.

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Posted on Oct 24, 2015


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