Setting your goals effectively

The inserted image comes from (, 2015)

The inserted image comes from(, 2015)

Everybody has his or her desire about something. Somebody may say they want big houses and good salary. Some may say they want good health. But most of the people just think or talk about it, they did not take this really serious. They think their desire sometimes looks kind of over ambitious. But is it really over ambitious? I would say NO, by setting goals you will on the ways to your target.

Have you ever feeling that sometimes you work hard, but you did not achieve what you want? Do you feel that you can be easily distracted? Or are you feeling lacks of direction? If your answer is yes, a key reason might be is that you do not take a long time to consider what you want to do. A goal is road maps for where you want go.

There are five points to let goals come true. The first thing is you should make your goals specific. Your goals should be clear to understand and concrete. It is for you to easily assume that what you could do with it and how much time you going to spend to accomplish with it. The second point is having a goal as big as possible but it should be realistic and comparable. Such as reading 200 books a year, it is measurable and comparable with reading three books in a week. You would say it looks unable to accomplish, but this will give you motivation. The third point is writing your long-rang goals down on paper or computer. It won’t be truly come if you just keep it in your head. Then after that is for you to review it everyday. Think about it everyday, your goals might change as you gaining knowledge. At last, choose five most important goals to accomplish. It depends how much you think about it. You can discuss with others about your goals to help you edit it.

No one is perfect, being too ambitious is no a negative thing, put some stress on yourself and keep your sight on your goals. Hope you can benefit from it!

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Posted on Oct 25, 2015


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