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The inserted image comes from (lara, 2014).

As I wrote in the last blog that talked about learning process, this time I am going to talk about how to avoid the barriers that affect learning process, and give my own some approaches to make progress.

To solve problems related to learning and improve our learning skills, we should find out the factors that will affect learning. These factors could be individuals or from outside environment, and could be mentally or physically. In case of we want to improve ourselves, this time I will just give some little information about individual factors that we should overcome. It was listed as below:

  1. Emotions and attitudes toward learning,the efficiency of the work from day to day and the rapidity with which it is achieved are influenced by the attitude and emotions from the learner. For example, fear of failure.
  2. The study method and the capacity of mastering knowledge that has been taught. These are related with learning styles and could be differ from people to people.
  3. Time management and goals setting. Self-direct learner should own the ability to manage their goals and time.

Most of the day, I feel hard to control my time even though I have lots of spare time. I frequently find that I haven’t done anything after the day past. I think this may also happen to you. Here I summarize some tips from (

Using tools to help you with a clear idea that what you should do. Such as term calendar, weekly schedule and daily to-do list. With these tools, you can find your available time, check your progress to the final goals, how long you take to prepare for your assignment and accomplish your goals.

Using daylight hours to study, before dinner you will be more concentrate than tired at night. Don’t waste chunk of time, study doesn’t need to be in a big time interval, you can still learn in 10 minutes. Write some notes on a sheet of paper for you to review during a small piece of time. Keep track of what you are doing in every hour. You will know what you have done and the time you waste.

To become a successful student, always keeping remember to ask yourself: Why am I attending college and what do I hope to achieve?

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Posted on Oct 20, 2015


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