Han XU, A Newcomer

1843796474Hello, my name is Han. Welcome to my blog! My major is animation design.I am patient and curious in learning a new skills. Animation is completely a new field of study to me. It give me the chance to make things alive. This sounds like magic and indeed it is! I always go for visual impact, it is dignified and sometimes inspires me a lot. When I meet a magnificent visual effects, it always makes me filling with surprises and shocks. Some artists  make imagination to come true with all sorts of effects, lovely, horror, exaggerate or luxuriant sense. This is a wondrous ability. I hope in the near future I will own the capability to produce and show the world in my mind, and set it in motion.

Last week my class started, it opened a new door for me. what I knew about animation before enroll in the classes is mainly focusing  on drawing. However, obviously it is not only drawing your ideas on paper. There are some other requirements also, like storytelling, lighting, composition, interaction and so on. It is incredibly broad because  it permeates various places in our life. The technics we will study are applied to our work through many ways in different directions, such as industrial, production, filmmaking, interior design  and game, and the list goes on forever, it is a developing subject.

To making progress, we are better to control over each step we will make while we are learning. Self-restraint is a crucial skill we need to have during learning time. Read wide range of books that related, practice a lot, get move on, let us be ready before we meet up with the opportunity!


Kater, G. (2005). Design First for 3D Artist. United States of America: Wordware Publishing.

First practice on my visual diary

First practice on my visual diary

posted on Oct 14, 2015


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