ANM230 week12 demograpy,genre, style

Our project in this trimester is all most about to finish. All of our work are finished in time and did not miss the submission deadline. Yesterday, we submit all the required documents including the final deliver video, the making, marketing materials and the art bibles. Below are some of the scenes before compositing.

light_0002_Layer 1.jpglight_0000_Layer 3.jpg

You can now see some of the element in our scene. If you read my preview blogs, you will understand better what is the style we want in the beginning.

Our story includes strong supernatural elements, including mythologies from ancient Greece and Rome. Our main character, Auros, was said to be destined to be reborn as the goddess of wind. In order to properly represent this, we have given her statue wings, as wings are often depicted in relation to the element of wind. We have also included the wing design in various objects in the environment, for example the guards and the logo, in order to emphasize the presence of the wind element in the protagonist’s story.

We were inspired a lot by Kingsglaive Final Fantasy XV, and refer a lot from it. Our environment  key elements, materials and style are really similar.

Another video we refer to is this one. It is in unreel engine. While the quality is really nice. We also have some similar elements style.

We summaries this cinematic project a fantasy genre. It contains lots of roman and european element.  There are lots of fantasy film had a big win in the box office, as well as the fantasy genre video game.

Our project is for all genders. As below graphs, according to the studies of demographic of video games and fantasy films. Most of the gamer like fantasy style and the peak age is around 25 to 35 years old. And in the fantasy film categories, we contain several elements, such as fantasy, villain / hero and magic. For films, the average age that can afford the ticket is from 15 years old. So as conclusion, the target audience is approximately from 15 to 45 years old.




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