ANM230 Week11

We been start putting out shot scene into the render farm in the past fews weeks. However we encounter lots of issues that force us stop and re-edit the scene file again and again. While we finally get one rendered even thought it is not complete and ha been changed again.  It took around one hour in render farm to get the result. I showed the rendered image to some professor and they response is it should not take too much time. We have to optimize the scene more.

Initially, Our team are all using 2016 version 3ds max, and we used lots of proxies in the scene. The school computer and render farm are 2017 versions. When we start render it keep showing errors and crash a lot. So we find the issues online that 2017 3ds max do not support 2016 3ds max proxy.  And some of the shader we used is not renderable in 2017. According to this tutorial, we replace all the 2016 proxy to 2017 versions.

And thankfully, that we are using lots of muti-material that used material ID. Which saved lots of replacing the material time.

To save the rendering time, I have pick up some shots which the focus object is far from the environment, and the environment does not move at all. I render the object in this scene separately, so I can just render only one background and re-using them. For the moving focus object, I save an separate file and made a new tree point lighting for it.



Pattarin, M. (2016, July 16). Crash Test 3ds max 2017 Mental ray proxy. Retrieved 2017, from



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