Private: ANM230 week10 lighting & skin shader

All our model, animation and camera set are done last week, I also done with the lighting for the overall environment. I have testing and gave lots of render test to get the base lighting done.

While for each scene, the light has to be continue edit to emphasize the shot appealing more.  After done with several test and find some tutorial on line. Several setting are really fit out scene.

For the light, The key light that I used  is the daylight system. The main light is the sun, and I have use the physical sky as environment map to give the soft blue skylight on the overall scene.  Since the main light is out side the building, to make the light come inside the interior more, and lighten up the asset inside, I set sky portal light for each window. And later we can on or off it according the scene. The exposure value will be shifting between 11 to 13 to get the good result.

According to the suggestion from the lecture, the statue can have a skin shader. So that when light shot on it, you can see the light pass by and give a good looking effect.

I have tried that out, and has different renders of how this shader react to the different light setting. If you can notice, that  light have pass through the lower wing and gave  different feeling in different light.



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