ANM230 week09 hair & dress

In this blog, I want to talk about the techniques I used for doing the hair and dress for the character. I plan to sculpt the hair directly in Zbrush, as I mentioned before in the blog in week 6. It is easier and have lots of control on editing the look and shape.

I have tried the cloth modifier in 3ds max by myself for doing the dress, and also asked help from my group members. But none of them work well. I also tried connecting two line shape and edit the mesh that is generated. the result is like the image below. However, This way was done before the character was been posed, so after the pose change it should change again, and it will be easier if i just start over in zbrush.


Since I am pretty new to the digital sculping, I found some guides online that help me a lot to do the hair and dress.

For hair, the detail should come gradually, start with the low resolution and the silhouette shape. and then start to build up the big hair strand by add clay. The DamStandard brush is really helpful to defining hair clumps. One of the really important key that I feel to make the hair looks more nature and realistic is the hair should feel the clumps is overlapping each other, specially the master big hair strand. (Below is the silhouette shape)


As the way I am doing for dress in 3ds max, in Zbrush the way I used work in way has similar theory which is bridging two shape to form the mesh. But these line shape we are using has to come from a subtool (mesh) by using a brush called The Bridge curve brush. Then shape the mesh according to the body’s pose, and draw the drapery accordingly.



Now the final result of the character is look like this.



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