ANM230 week05 different ornament & line method I used

In our project this time , we are trying to show as much detail model as possible. As I mentioned before, we are doing kind of fantasy style, the architectural environment is more like roman & european look. So there are lots of ornament designs in our scene, such as on wall, stair and on statue as well.

There are several different ways to do the ornament pattern. The most common ways are using face polygon or line tool to trace the shape of the pattern. Both of them are useful, personally I prefer using the polygon.

However I found a convenient method online that using photoshop. The video was published by — on youtube. The method is transfer the pattern image to illustration AI path in photoshop. Then you can import the path in 3ds max. By using this method, you can save the tracing time, however the bad aspect is you don’t have lots of control on number of vertex and proper topology.

There is another tool that I really want to share is PolyDraw Panel. It is really useful when doing the ornament on uneven surface. By using the paint strips of polygon, you can quickly draw the shape and lay out the topology foundation for the ornament. I have used this method when doing the ornament on the statue’s cloth and helmet.




ANM230 week04 Bow & window & character face ref

Last week our lecture is out of the country. This week when he came back, he gave me some notes on the screenshot I sent. According to the suggestions, I add some more detail on the blue area, and gave some curves on the yellow area. Stairs.png

By adding the ground on the second floor, the overall staircase is now looking like this. Snip20170331_4.png

This week, I am also working progress on the window, bow, and fixing the face of the character at the same time.

According to the feedback that was given on the windows model, it is currently look flat and need more detail. By adding some carving and defining some edges, the window is looking more realistic.

Snip20170213_102Snip20170331_10The below image is the look of the bow right now. There are wing element in the design to match with the protagonist, as she has six wing. So you can tell directly it is belong to her. When I am doing the research, I also find a tutorial on how to rig the bow.


I found some concept of the goddess design and illustration. And I found one that I really like and want the main character to have similar face look with it. The character is still working progress and need create and adjust lots of things.135846cx5mesxvessfxsm5.jpg


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ANM230 week03 stairs change start model

This week, I concentrated mainly on modeling the staircase.Before we plan to do the environment as figure one, so the stair is kind of cylinder type of stage, where the statue will stand on it. The overall layout will be something like this.


Later, after discussion and reviews, we decide to change the layout, the stairs will be more European and Roman style, and the overall scene will then become more complex and more than one floor. The good reference that we got is the scene from Cinderella。


Since I will be the one who is doing the staircase, the whole staircase contains several elements which is steps, handle, railing and vase stone. And the actual element reference I found will be something like the images below. 6599244bd7eccda8cbaaaa38be5abb47.jpg

The workflow when I am doing the staircase is first making the base steps by using the default 3ds max stair. It is faster and convenient than you start modeling from box. And it really gives you lots of control.  After the default staircase is done, I used Bend and FFD modifier to deform it as what I want.  Below is the tutorial I found when I am doing the research on making stairs.


To make things easier, in the process, I used a lot of creating shapes from edges. Base on the line that was created, I can use loft or other modifiers to create a new model that follow the line path.


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ANM230 week02 – presentation & preproduction

This week Tuesday, we presented our pre-production work to the lectures. As usual, we have to show the story, design, demography and animatic.

My role in the pre-production phase is finding reference, drawing all the concept art and storyboard. Meanwhile, thinking about if the idea we have is achievable or not and seeking how to achieve them by doing some research.


Warrior Concept

During the weekend, we had a group meeting took place outside the school. What we discussed was about the arrangement of the  environment and the camera shot.


Guards & weapon concept

As the feedback that was given in the presentation, the main thing we have to adjust is the animatic. According to the feedback, our camera shots seems repeated. Most of the shot is moving too much. The main mistake we did was showing too much shot with the character as she is the main thing. Instead, we have to show more on the environments and gradually telling the story by showing them. Lectures suggested that we can add some more static shot , and move the camera only subtlety.

The overall feedback was good, the style and the story are approved. The next stage for me is moving to modeling the staircase and coming along with a good floor plan. As discussed and researched, the style of the staircase will be like the reference images below.Snip20170131_73.png