ANM230 week01

Another trimester has begun and this is our second last trimester.  This time we got three more students with us and five of us are been separated into two groups. The subject in this trimester is mainly about environment modeling and the character just works as a filter of the overall animation.

Initially, we want to do a project with a kind of Japanese style. But at the end, we decide to leave this for our last trimester since it will take a long time to work on. The idea we finally decide to work with now is more like a fantasy genre and legend theme.Our story is about a warrior became alive because of the belief. As in our plan, the target audience would be age above 16.

The first week, we did lots of research for the project and trying to find out mood boards and some reference as guides for the art style we are looking for.

As for the environment, the style that we are going for is like this image below. The color is dark and warm tone. We plan to use marble and metal as our main textures. For metal, we might use a lot of golden shader. This time, we will focus more on modeling, the animation will be reduced at the mean time. Color Palette.jpg

For the main character- the warrior will be a statue, the material of it will be stone and bronze. as for reference, we might look for something like this.


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