ANM220 week#13

Starting from this week, we are going to showcase our work to the others, and we gonna have our own individual presentation. Thus this would be my final blog in this trimester. The video below is some of my works done in this trimester for the studio project now.

Today I will just summarized what I have done in the past 12 weeks and what I  think can improve better in the project.

I have participate in the preproduction phase and did lots of concept design there. The works I have done mainly just the looks but barely have color concept. If we could take more time to consider that, it will makes us work easier in the production stage.

One thing I felt really upset is I took lots of time to model and texture the asset but the details of them barely show in the game engine. Probably we can enhance the light in unity better to fix that. Here is one of the shot that capture in the cinematic.


As I mentioned in previous blog about  the color correction and color grating, I felt my self can do better.

In the next trimester I will focus more on model the environment, the work I have done in this trimester help me understand better and can predict what should I do in the future. And I need some more practice, study how to use light is also very important to me.

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ANM220 week#12

We eventually reach the day for our final submission. This week I mainly work on the color correction. But unfortunately, our color correction team are been given quite limited time which are not enough for us to discuss and make decision. But anyways, I did some research to make myself more clear about the ideas of color correction to prepare for the next time.

Even though I did some color correction, I felt myself haven’t done it very well. The color correction is the process of adjust the exposure and the white balance. And it depends scene by scene. After I go back to see the color correction that we made, it seams too saturated.

I watched a tutorial of the basic color correction method, and it explain very clearly. In the video the way the guy uses histogram of the level really make me clearly understand how the color correction should be done. By balancing the light and shadow to pop up the detail of the object is very important. Saturation,Level & RGB curves are the color correct effects are mostly been used in this stage.


After Enhancing the the exposure and light balance, we will want to push a further enhancement of the footage. Which is in a stage called color Grading. And this will make all our clips of the video in the same theme. We are now deciding to re-lighting, and add filter to make the video more cinematic look. The below image is the comparison of the original image and the image after fixing.


You can see now the image after fixing is more clearly and attractive, and the original image looks too flat. The color correction and color grading is so important and can enhance our video much better.

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