ANM220 week#3

This week is nearly a modeling week, as a team we all aim to finished the the model and try to get the final approvel done by this week. I have  been given feedbacks and also reviewed others work, it is busy, but all worth it.

My main task in this week is modeling a tower, while after I got my feedback from our lecture, my another task after that is compressing the model to make it less polygons.Basically what I did is delete the unseen polygons, non-important segments and also to reedit the topology. Rather than baking a high poly model to a low poly one, I will focus more on the later texturing part.

Last week, I wrote the reasons why we need control on our polygons, it is because it will affect the running speed in the game engine. There is one picture I showed but haven’t explained, which showed another way of optimizing polygons and help the game engine processing faster, it is called LOD- the level of detail, when an odject in a scene is far from the camera, the performance detail of it will be poor, that means some details can be reduce.


Figure1. Hierarchical LOD

The strategy of LOD in games is basically pre-optimize  the complex model into several level of detailed models according to its distance apeal on screen. What it will do is when you have a close up for a model, it will be high poly which is LOD 0, If you zoom out for a certain distance, it will automatic make the model transite to the next level LOD 1 or even more, which means the less polygons and the less detail.

As we will using the Unity, we can now doing the LOD within


Figure2. LOD Group in Unity

the Unity itself  because they wrote a new script for it. The method of doing that is not that complex. You will use the LOD Group to doing that, Rename the model in hireachy sequence like LOD0, LOD1, LOD2… set them to how it will look in different camera distance.If you name them correctly and set approprate property, the lod model will be then generateby itself.

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