Anm220 week#2

Another week just about to finish again.This week,  it is tough and almost working everyday, but it is also quite substantial. During this week, as a group  we presented our cinematic concept and animatic in front of several other groups and lectures. As we all work so hard in the first week and trying to get lots of feedback, the results are promising. I have decide with the lectures about the model sheet of our character and environment, and finally get to start modeling the tower. Although I met some problems, but it was been solved through research.


Figure1. LOD of model

Besides, Here are the reference images for the building I am working on. basically they shows how they plan their model and texture.


As we are doing the model and will try to import it to Game engine, the high poly model will be unaffordable.So what range of polygon will give you a nice result. As before, We kind of think about games in model, But at last it change to desktop game. The limit for each is different. We are now in a modeling stage, and tray to control the plants asset to 1000 to 2000 polygons and even below that. While for complex model would be in a range from 5000 to 10000. However, I did some research from the official site of unity. They give a advice statistic which is 300 and 1500polygons for each asset in mobile game, 1500 to 4000 for desktop game . If there is numbers of mesh, the poly should be decrease. For each mesh, it should be using one texture map only otherwise it will affect the speed. This is because of term named Draw Calls.

Draw Calls is basically  calculating the model that is reveal in the screen, the way it calculate is not depends on the model itself but the material not it. So if there is muti-material map, each map will be consider as one draw call, it is going to take lots of time.


Figure2. Draw Calls statistics

We are now is planning ahead and deciding limit the polygons as much as we can, still there is other solutions online, and we will find other collaboration who specialized in unity can help us out.

Reference list:

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