Anm220 week#1

Start from this week, our new trimester has begun. In this trimester, we are doing a cinematic for games.  Basically we have to think about a genre and create a story for our own-idea game.And this week, my responsibility is mainly focus on creating storyboards and doing concept design for character and weapon. Our story is base on the fairy tale “The Red Riding Hood”, So the art style is kind of go for ancient, traditional and fantasy style. The setting of the story take places mainly in the jungle. All of our 3d assets have to imported in the game engine called Unity. Due to this reason, we faced some problems of setting the camera in animatic, sometimes the shots we designed in the storyboard may not be realize,  because we can not adjust the size to fake the scene due to its real time engine.


Figure1. Red Riding Hood Concept.

As our story has fighting shot between the Red Riding Hood and the Werewolf, and the shot is mainly happen in the woods. I did some research of the camera shots that mainly used in this kind of situation, and find some shot that is really adhere to our scene.

In our storyboard, we want to show the heroic characteristic of the Red Riding Hood, and comparing to her, we also want to show the dominant strength of the werewolf is so powerful. To achieve those features we desire to show, The Low Angle and High Angle shot is really help. They are the shots that basically using camera to look up or down at the character from a low or high angle as write in the terms, to make the character look bigger or smaller.

For Example, the low angle used in batman and the most common scene you can see tin the monster movie take from a high angle.


Figure2. Batman low angle shot



Figure3. Monster from high angle shot.

Till the end of this week, we’d been getting lots of feedback base on the storyboard, animatic and the character design. I’d been given lots of advises not only in the camera shots, but also in the concept design part. Hope as a group and as a team member, we can dedicate ourself to enhance and make a better work and more progress.


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