ANI210 Week 1


Figure 1. Creative logos and designs

This week, we start to work on our studio project in a group of two; we are going to do a TV commercial during this whole trimester. Since the first week, lots of brainstorming has taken place. To do a TV commercial, we have to think about our product and mascot. And consider our logo and target audience. For our logo, we seek a graphic design student to cooperate with us and help us to design it. But she was busy, due to this reason we try to find out some solution by ourselves.


Figure 2. Why, How, What

To design a logo, first of all we must have have basic understanding about what is it, what are the basic elements that it requires? So I did some research about it.

Basically, an independent or a company, usually for their product or service, uses a logo. It is a trademark of a company. It can be font, number, pattern, sound or even a smell. When we design it, we try to consider which element we will pick and how to make it simple and work effective for people to remember it


Figure 3. The trade marks.

Base on the research I know that in order to use a logo legally, it always come up with a trademark. There are three different trademark symbol which is TM, ® and SM. Everyone who use it should at least know which one is the correct one to be used. TM symbol can be used by anyone without registration, once you use it, it means you will consider the logo to be your trademark, on the other hand, it also means you haven’t file any paperwork to the government in order to get the Federal registration certificate. Symbol is only used after having the registration certificate. And SM is only used for services not for goods. In our case, we consider our product is launched as we designed the commercial; it is an actual product as well. So we will use ® for our logo.

Despite the legal issues about using the trademark symbol. We start to think about the design of our logo. Our product is nature juice, and the brand titled ‘Gluglug’ as mimic the sound when you drinking. So in our logo element, it contain the brand name and also the drinking posture of our mascot just like the visualization of the ‘gluglug’ sound. Below is bunch of design sketch.


This is just the rough sketch of our idea, basically it shows our mascot in drinking pose to symbolize the sound ‘gluglug’ when you drinking. The logo will be having more detail in the future.




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