What is your learning style?

What is your learning style? A learning style is the way that you are learning. Assess your own prefer learning style will help you learn best.

There are several types of learning style, but it can be mainly divided into three categories: visual, auditory, and kinesthetic (or tactile). A visual learner learn by using visual memory, such as watching a lecture, they learn best through eyes and may feel hard to concentrate while listening the lecture. However, An auditory learner would rather listen to things than see them, read content aloud will also helped. A kinesthetic learner learns and remembers things through a hands-on approach. Actually doing a physical movement can be the easiest way for them to learn.

infographic v3

This info graphic given 7 learning style from (Lepi, 2012) that can help you get to know more about learning styles.

Everyone are different at his or her strengths, thus everyone processes and learns in different ways. To find out what type of learning style that fit my characteristic, I filled up a questionnaire in(EducationPlanner.org) and got a result showing on below image.


The result from reflects that I am using a combination of learning styles.

Base on what I used to do while studying before, I tend to be not only an auditory or visual learner, but also a Kinesthetic learner. For instance, study a drawing technique, I will became familiar with it through practicing drawing on paper, but before that I will learn through reading book and get some tips from teacher too.

So, for my personal opinion, whatever learning style you have, just being active more than passive as learning, controlling over the learning processes. And at last, processing things repetitively will firm your knowledge.

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Han XU, A Newcomer

Hello, my name is Han. Welcome to my blog! I major in animation design. I am patient and curious. I always go for the visual impact, it is dignified and full of influence. When I see magnificent visual effects, it always  filled me with surprises and shocks. Some artists  make their imagination come true with all sorts of effects, such as light and cartoony, horror, exaggerated features or in a fantasy-fiction sense. This is a wondrous ability. I hope that in the near future I will own the capability to produce and show the world that is in my mind, and set it in motion.

Last week my class started, it opened a new door for me. I am only focused on drawing before I enrolled in my animation course. However, obviously it is not only drawing your ideas on paper. There are some  other requirements also, like story telling, lighting, composition, interaction and so on. It is incredibly broad because  it permeates various places in our life. The technics we will study are applied to our work through many ways in different directions, such as industrial, production, filmmaking, interior design  and game, and the list goes on forever, it is a developing subject.

To making progress, we are better to control over each step we will make while we are learning. Self-restraint is a crucial skill we need to have during learning time. Read of wide range of books that related, practice a lot, get move on, let us be ready before we meet up with the opportunity!

First practice on my visual diary

First practice on my visual diary